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 The Rules

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Grand Jedi Admin
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The Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules Icon_minitimeSun 4 Jul 2010 - 3:26

The rules are simple. If you break any of them you'll be given a warning. When given 3 warning you'll be banned for 4 days. 6, banned for a week and a half. 8 and you'll be permenantly banned. NO EXCEPTIONS.

1. No trolling
2. Don't post personal information
3. No spamming
4. No using profane language(Word censors are in place-we will catch you) with comments and the use of smiles(3 per post maximum)
5. No impersonating.
6. No abusing the media rights. Rules for videos are in media discussion.
7. No abusing posts. No saying things like Ok or yes in one post. That post will be deleted and if you want to say things like ok or yes, post in chat box. Also, limit the sometimes-annoying-when-used-too-much smilies to 3 per post. And a post will be deleted if there is only a smilie in it.
8. No double posting whatsoever.

USERGROUPS: Usergroups are open groups that include jedi council (which report things to moderators) and the moderators. You may PM the administrators for questions on how to join and requirements.

NOTE: Rules will change over time.
NOTE 2: The warnings will also change when more people join.

Ignorance is no excuse for breaking these rules. If you have a question about these rules, pm an admin. We will try to answer your question.
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The Rules
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