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 WIP Rules

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WIP Rules Empty
PostSubject: WIP Rules   WIP Rules Icon_minitimeThu 5 Aug 2010 - 0:01


1) Include pictures from the mod/map.

2) Give detailed info about the map. Don't just tell us where it takes place.

3) The map/mod must be at least 50% completed.

So, in short: All WIP's must be at least 50% completed and showcase threads must contain info and pictures pertaining to the work you're showcasing.

We don't want just random crap posted. Like don't give us the generic map with one little hill and a vehicle and call that 50%. Veteran modders we'll cut a break on, since they know how hard modding is. These rules are essentially n00b control.

If you fail to meet any of these requirements then you'll have 3 days to make it up. Otherwise your thread will be locked or deleted. If you fulfill the requirements post-lock then just PM a moderator or admin and we'll reopen your thread.

Now that we're clear on the rules, please follow them. Thanks for your cooperation and happy modding!
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WIP Rules
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