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 Media rules

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PostSubject: Media rules   Media rules Icon_minitimeTue 3 Aug 2010 - 3:39

Hello everyone and welcome to the media forum! This forum is dedicated to all forms of media that you may wish to share such as videos, pictures, art, and whatever else. As it goes with every forum ever made there are some rules and guidelines.

No Pornography!!!

This pretty much goes without saying. There is absolutely no pornographic material allowed here in any shape or form. Posting of such material will result in an instant ban. No warnings, no second chances.

No Ads Or Spam

You are not allowed to post any sort of advertisements or spam. Doing so will result in a warning. The punishment may vary depending on the content of the posted material. Television commercials and movie trailers are exceptions to this rule.

No Real-Life Violence

Videos depicting real violence or murders (people being beaten up, beheading videos, etc) are strictly forbidden and will result in an automatic warning. The punishment may vary depending on the content of the posted material, with a warning being the minimal consequence.

No Illegal Material

You may not post any illegal material, such as pirated or leaked videos and movies. This will result in a warning or possibly an instant ban.

Language And Other Mature Content

You may post videos that contain language and mature content but you MUST put a warning in your post. Mature content includes strong language (swearing), violence, drug use or references, and sexual references. This is a family-friendly site so we need to be sure that no members accidentally come across anything that's inappropriate for them. Again, language and mature content is allowed but you MUST include a warning in the initial post.
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Media rules
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